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Unsolicited Political Campaigning Advice

Submitted by spacemonkey at 2016-09-30 00:37:14 EDT
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Well it's that time again, when tensions are high and people are rabidly attempting to convince others who and what is best to vote for. But before you shame, sneer, and sob hysterically at all your twitter followers and facebook friends, I thought I might offer some advice that by my own observation is badly needed, and by my own admission is completely unasked for. You're welcome.

Fact: We live in a complex democratic society.

Supposition 1: In a democratic society, people must convince others to vote for favored candidates or policies if they wish to see those candidates/policies succeed.

Supposition 2: Due to the complexity of our society, people often don’t have perfect knowledge of all candidates or policies to vote on, and as a result, largely vote for candidates or policies based on perceptions of how they align with pre-held political values.

Supposition 3: Changing the pre-held values of others is difficult and attempts to do so usually result in further entrenchment.

Conclusion: If one is sincerely attempting to convince others to support a particular favored candidate or policy, it makes sense to first identify the others' political values and convince them why the favored candidate or position appeals to those values. In doing so, one halves the work required otherwise, which would be to not only convince the other of adoption your favored candidate/proposal, but also attempt the much more difficult task of convincing them to adopt your political values and abandon their own.

Final Note: If you're insincere and merely venting, by all means continue to counter-productively call all the people you need to convince whatever your favored pejorative term is. Just know that since your insults are likely steeped in your own values, even those won't have much of an effect beyond your own emotional satisfaction.

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Submitted by blackbear at 2016-09-30 15:00:47 EDT (#)
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you're a racist!

Submitted by Tormentos at 2016-09-30 13:09:08 EDT (#)

From here, it looks like America is a pilotless aircraft whose passengers are loudly arguing over whether the a poodle or a shih tsu should be in the cockpit when it plows into the mountainside. It would be comical to watch, but for that the dog will have access to nuclear weapons for the brief period between the passengers remembering that dogs cannot fly airplanes and the loss of radar contact.

Submitted by spacemonkey at 2016-09-30 00:40:55 EDT (#)

I'm so sick of seeing emotional venting masquerading as shitty ineffective argumentation on social media that I posted on this site for the first time in about two years to whine about it with a shitty ineffective argument.

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